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Re: [IP] celiac/diabetes connection

not directly related to celiac sprue, but  for the last few years, my dr's
have been watching me for other autoimmune diseases, they say because they
are much more common for diabetics to aquire then any other healthy
person. anyone else hear this? i've already been diagnosed with hasimoto's
disease, which is hypothyroid, and a skin condition. 

btw, anyone else on the list anemic? i've severly anemic, to the point
where i'm taking 4 iron tablets a day, and still not geting my red blood
cells up. but my real question behind that is does anyone know if that
will effect bg's? i know it effects my ha1c, but i don't know about just
my bg's. 
email @ redacted

> Hi guys..i am on another mailgroup called celiac diabetes...they are
> saying that 5% of diabetics have celiac sprue...which is a intestinal
> problem of not being able to digest gluten (i hope i communicated that
> correctly)...it is also autoimmune...i was wondering if anyone in our
> group experienced problems like email @ redacted

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