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[IP] pain medication

Hi everyone, I have a question about a pain med that I have taken, it is called hydrocodone.  I have a torn rotary(sp) cuff in my shoulder, and was to take 800mg of ibuprofen 4x a day.  It wasn't working, and at night I could not sleep more than 3 hrs.  I had these in my med cabinet from a surgery that I had last year.  Didn't need them for that, but this shoulder is killing me.  Anyway, the thing I want to know is why is this affecting my bg's?   I have started running in the 200's whenever I take this, and I had normal tests before.  Is it the pain pill, or just the fact that I have the intense pain in the first place that causes the bg raise?  I need info for when I go back to the bone doc. thanks Laurie B.