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Re: [IP] Starting the pump !

Hello Sue,

           Yes, we have tried them all. We have been in contact with the
medi-jector nurse as well. Jason is just too thin and muscular. Thanks for
your concern.
                                 Leisha email @ redacted

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From: Sue W <email @ redacted>
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Date: Monday, August 17, 1998 6:15 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Starting the pump !

>Hi Leisha,
>Does your son's MediJect have a pressure adjustment?  Have you tried it
>on the lowest pressure setting?
>Anyway, congratulations and good luck in starting the pump.
>leisha wrote:
>< snip >
>> Jason is currently using
>> the Medi-jector and we have come to hate it. We are only using it
>> because after about 6-8 months  of using needles in the beginning, he
>> began haveing very bad skin reations to them. We are not sure what it
>> was, possibly the silicone that is on the end of the needles, but his
>> skin began to be very hard to get the needles in. Anywhere we tried
>> his skin was hard and it made a crunching sound as the needle was
>> inserted, not to mention the pain that was involved. We loved the
>> medi-jector at first, but the last couple of years as Jason has become
>> even thinner and very much more muscular, it has become very painful
>> for him. It causes terrible bruiseing and bleeding, we have to use
>> bandaids after injections to keep the blood from getting on his
>> clothes.
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