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Re: [IP] Starting the pump !


     Thanks for your response, and your encouragement. I'm sure it was not
the Humolog, he has only been on it since it came out about a year and a
half ago. The thing with the needles was when he was diagnosed about 6 years
ago. I feel it may have been the silicone on the end of the needles. I'm not
sure, all I know is that is was painful and sounded like star foam. The
first 3-4 months was fine, but it gradually got awful, and I used a new
needle everytime. By 8 months you could hardly get the needle in at all,
anywhere. Anyway, I'm sure the pump is what he needs, I am nervous, but this
mailing list is great.
Thanks for your support.
                                          Leisha email @ redacted

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Date: Monday, August 17, 1998 11:26 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Starting the pump !

>Leisha,    From what you write, Jason is very lucky to have you for his
>I think this will be difficult to have so many new things happening at
>but you are best qualified to make the call.  If I were you, I would really
>want to know WHAT he is allergic too.  Can that be determined?  Many people
>this site had an allergic reaction to Humalog.  If you are certain it is
>needles, then the silhouette is the way to go.  Many people at this site
>had problems with tapes sticking or not sticking.  Don't assume that this
>be the case.  I have been using the silhouettes for 2 years with my
>disetronic.  They have NEVER come off swimming, sweating, running, jumping,
>etc.  Don't assume that Jason will have this problem.  I'm just trying to
>alleviate some of your stress.  I would approach one problem at a time.
>luck to you and Jason.  ellen
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/