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Re: [IP] Monitor Help? Hypoglycemia?

In a message dated 8/17/98 7:39:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:
Brian...Yes, I agree that in your situation there is a true medical cause.  I
believe the situation I responded to had been evaluated by an endocrinologist
who (I hope) knew the appropriate symptoms to look for.  I forgot who made the
original post. LN? re: her son.  In your case, the excess insulin would
prevent the liver from releasing glucose to help raise your BG. I remember
your original post about your health status and hope you have been able to
find the right answers that will help you.  Good luck to you.

Barbara B.
<< Barbara. I do agree that this is probably a more common problem than most
 realize.  But I for one am in a different situation.  I actually have an
 insulinoma that creates hypoglycemia.  According to the info I have it
 effects approx. 1 in 100,000 people.  So in some cases there could be an
 actaul medical cause to be considered.

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