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Re: [IP] Cheers

>I lift my glass, my candy bar, my health to the guys fighting this disease
>improving the technology to deal with it. Cheers - Katie

Katie - Thanks for the cheers and the story about running into someone with
a pump. It's always good to hear any kind of positive, up-beat story! Steph
starts school this week (4th grade) and is all excited to tell the new
teacher about her pump.

It's amazing how quickly we forget the rigors of the "diabetic
schedule"...several weeks ago we were visiting my brother (Type 2, but uses
some insulin along with oral meds). I totally forgot to worry about when we
ate, since Steph is on the pump now, and felt almost foolish when my brother
said we really need to go ahead and eat NOW (he was 62!)

Thank goodness for technology and the folks here who are willing to share
their expertise!


Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/