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Re: [IP] No Delivery Alarm on Minimed 507

Richard Aleksander wrote:
> >the alarm is tripped when the screw can't push the plunger, and it builds
> >up as the amount increases. The alarm generally won't go off until it
> reaches
> >whatever your pump's tolerance level is. Mine usually trips at about 1.2
> units.
> Minimed's solenoid triggers electronically, no?  Doesn't even have a motor,
> no?
> Do we have a Minimed rep reading the messages?
> Disetronic's the one with screw drive.

MiniMed's ALL have a screw drive, it's right next to the syringe. As for
how it's driven I know they call it a solenoid, but that doesn't mean it
doesn't rotate. I think solenoid is another term for a stepper motor in this
Ted Quick
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