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Re: [IP] Icq

At 11:59 AM 08/17/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>Sam,  I was amazed at what a prolific writer my son is.  He is my quiet
>and when I would ask him about his day, he would stick to one syllable
>answers.  He was a college freshman this year and we began an e-mail
>correspondence that pleased me very much.  I received weekly in-depth
>of his professors, his courses, books he had read, as well as his friends.
>was amazed and pleased by every detail he threw at me.  I did not know he
>could communicate so well.  BTW, he loved university life.  I am not
>as much this year because he is in an appartment with 3 friends.  Anyway,
>thought I would tell you that for you might be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am well acquainted with the
basically monosyllabic responses. If I ask how his day went, the answer is
always "fine" no matter what happened. (sigh) 


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