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Re: [IP] Starting the pump !

Leisha,    From what you write, Jason is very lucky to have you for his Mom.
I think this will be difficult to have so many new things happening at once,
but you are best qualified to make the call.  If I were you, I would really
want to know WHAT he is allergic too.  Can that be determined?  Many people on
this site had an allergic reaction to Humalog.  If you are certain it is the
needles, then the silhouette is the way to go.  Many people at this site have
had problems with tapes sticking or not sticking.  Don't assume that this will
be the case.  I have been using the silhouettes for 2 years with my
disetronic.  They have NEVER come off swimming, sweating, running, jumping,
etc.  Don't assume that Jason will have this problem.  I'm just trying to
alleviate some of your stress.  I would approach one problem at a time.  Good
luck to you and Jason.  ellen
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