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Re: [IP] Protein in Urine


    Ace inhibitors have been shown to substantially reverse complications --
especially neurological ones like kidney failure (or less working kidneys)
and eye problems.  Part of what they do is lower your blood pressure but
there is of course more to it than that.      Some people recommend lowering
the amount of protein you eat, some recommend eating non animal protein,
others recommend not eating red meat, others recommend eating low fat.  In
my experience, each of these things improves my protein count, all of them
together improve it the most but they are not always necessary and the
improvement is sometimes small.  At end stages of renal failure, many people
have too little protein (b/c they are loosing it all through their kidneys)
and then the diet would change.   On the one hand, protein and fat put more
stress on your kidneys than carbs do and most Americans eat huge amounts of
both.  On the other hand, some protein and fat are definately important.


James P Lyons wrote:

> I had some protien in my urine a few years back. (1 maybe two now) I
> don't remember what the number was, but it was still inside the 'normal'
> range, albeit the upper end.  However since i'm diabetic, they said that
> I should start taking "vasotec", as I understand it -- its a ace
> inhibitor, that previously was used in treating high blood pressure.
> Made by merk.  I take 5mg daily now. (add another perscription to my
> list)  I keep asking the doc about it, and he keeps brushing it off.
> They made no diet recommendations.... so i dunno what that means, its
> just my experience.  for reference, i'm 20.
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