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Re: [IP] Icq

At 08:03 AM 08/17/1998  James P Lyons wrote:
>I use icq all the time... but as far as I knew you can't have more than 4

>(or is it 8?) people in a chat... so i don't think it quite replacces the

>idea of a chat ROOM, where anyone can pop in and say hi.  If i'm wrong 
>let me know...but I use it all the time instead of the phone to stay in 
>touch with all my friends as we go to college, or as we get off for the 
>fantasic for that kind of person to person use.

I have no idea what the limitations to a chat are... but since each chat
opens up a new little window, I'd imagine there would have to be a
restriction. It would be extremely difficult to try and keep track of even
8 conversations going on in their own separate windows. 

One of the reasons I installed ICQ was to keep in contact with my son who
is going away to college next month (his first time away from home). I'm
sure that I'll mainly get "need money" messages from him.... oh, well...


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