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Re: [IP] Protein in Urine

I had some protien in my urine a few years back. (1 maybe two now) I 
don't remember what the number was, but it was still inside the 'normal' 
range, albeit the upper end.  However since i'm diabetic, they said that 
I should start taking "vasotec", as I understand it -- its a ace 
inhibitor, that previously was used in treating high blood pressure.  
Made by merk.  I take 5mg daily now. (add another perscription to my 
list)  I keep asking the doc about it, and he keeps brushing it off.  
They made no diet recommendations.... so i dunno what that means, its 
just my experience.  for reference, i'm 20.

James Lyons 
University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science
Computer Science Engineering Class of 2000

Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is the best defense
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