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[IP] Protein in Urine

Ellen recently wrote:

>and I started on a non meat diet to attempt to avoid the kidney
> complications.  I do not have kidney problems, but it seems that the
> complication for that is the kidney's inability to process protein.  So I
> figure, little protein, little strain on the kidneys.  

My father has been recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes.  He is
Hungarian, 6'6" and about 295 pounds.  I think he believes man can survive
on a diet of Italian bread and Hungarian sausage and salami.

I am very proud of him because in the three years since he was diagnosed he
has been able to shed a few pounds and even control his immense love of my
mothers baking (which she does less and less!).  He most recently had
protein showing in his urine and the doctor did not seem to think there was
any cause for alarm.

I however think quite differently.  I was always lead to believe that if
any protein showed in my 24 hour urine collection, this may be the
beginning of problems with my kidneys.

I believe my dad should rather quickly readjust his diet and greatly reduce
his protein intake.  But, he is almost seventy and I am not sure how easy
this will be.  To become entirely vegetarian is surely out of the question.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how he can slowly change his diet???
 If there is protein showing is it a sure sign of the beginning of kidney
failure????  If it is how long will it take for the damage to become
critical????  Is there not a drug you can take to slow the damage???

Please, please, please, I will not appreciate advice like "just tell him to
cut down on protein if he wants to keep living".  Of course he wants to be
alive but he also wants to live (if you know what I mean.)

I appreciate all the help you can offer.

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