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[IP] Cheers

Kids on Pumps:
I was buying glucose tablets when the checker (a boy no older than 16) said,
"Someone diabetic at your house?" I said, me. He said, me too. Then he got
excited and said have you heard about the pump? 

I said yeah, I have one. He got more excited (or maybe I did) and said, Me

I said, I have a disetronic. He said, ME TOO !!!!

I asked how he liked it. Had it since May and he Loved it. Been diabetic since
age 2. And all the kids at school had pumps. One kid even had a different

Just a year ago, if a child told me they were diabetic, I would have spent the
rest of the day depressed.

I lift my glass, my candy bar, my health to the guys fighting this disease and
improving the technology to deal with it. Cheers - Katie
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/