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Re: [IP] Monitor Help?

On 16 Aug 98 at 9:48, Ruth Elowitz wrote:

>     I understand about the variations in readings from one meter to another.
> The question is if a meter like the Dex is 10-15% higher than another meter do
> you treat a 10-15% higher reading as "too low" (or vice versa with highs?).
> It is suddenly beginning to seem as if the threshold at which one is actually
> hypo is not absolute (which could easily be the case), but if this is true,
> for those of us with inconsistant symptoms, how do you know when to treat and
> how do you factor in the individual meter's variability and the variability
> from one meter to the next?  Or do you just ignore them and act on the #s
> anyway?

You adjust the reading to attempt to get them to the same scale, then 
apply some loose fuzzy logic - don't worry about sharp boundaries.  
If the bg is 59 or 62 don't make a big change in the reaction based 
on a small change in the value.  I adjust amount of carb (sugar tabs) 
based on the value and what was going on before the low and what I 
anticipate for the next hour or so.  I adjust the extra bolus amount 
using a somewhat linear function - easier to do now since the pump 
allows me to use bolus in tenth of a unit increments.

You should attempt to use the same meter most of the time so you get 
accustomed to it.  I use three meters regularly, but every few days I 
parallel test on all three to get a comparison figure.  I can then 
see how the readings relate and how to manage the data they provide 
in my decision making.  The key is to get familiar with your meters, 
your protocol and how the particular meters perform.

Randall P. Winchester

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