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Re: [IP] Art using needles

Thanks Michelle,

You've opened my eyes to a technique I haven't tried yet.  Now I can't wait
to try it ...

Thanks Again,

Art Schumm
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From: Michelle Rands <email @ redacted>
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Date: August 14, 1998 11:20 AM
Subject: [IP] Art using needles

>Art...I don't know if this info would be useful for you but here
>goes...the softserter makes it easier to install the softset...it is like
>a lancet device only it inserts the soft set...all you have to see is to
>make sure you are over the IV3000...John Walsh says you can insert
>directly into the IV3000 and it is even better to use this technique
>rather than cutting a whole in it because IV3000 is a bug barrier (germ
>resister) ...he said there were other brands that were bug barriers but i
>can't remember which ones since i was already using IV3000...i don't
>think polyskin is...good luck...michelle
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