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Re: [IP] Starting the pump !

At 03:43 PM 08/16/1998 leisha wrote: 
> Hello everyone;
> &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp my name is Leisha and I have been reading this
> list for several months now as I battle the insurance co. to get my
> pump. I started this in April in hopes that I would have atleast part of
> the summer to get him adjusted before school starts. 

Have you had the sales rep for your pump help you with the insurance
company?? When I got my MiniMed this past May, all I had to do is talk to
the sales person... he took care of the insurance papers, and made sure
doctor's letter had all the buzz-words that the insurance company wanted
hear. If there were any battles, I didn't hear about them... 6 weeks later
my pump was here. 

If your pump sales person won't (or can't) do this for you, try another
pump company. MiniMed &amp Disetronics are quite competitive. What one
won't do the other will.


Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/