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Re: [IP] No Delivery Alarm on Minimed 507

Bagwill Family wrote:
> Okay, I don't think I have seen this before and have not been able to find
> any thing helpful at the minimed home page so here goes.  I have very low
> basal rates .4 to .5 and a 1 to 90 ratio for boluses.  Therefore, very
> often I don't put 2 units in at the same time until Supper.  My minimed 507
> currently does not give out a no delivery alarm until after 2.0 units have
> been "not deliverable".  It happened again today that my softset cannula
> got bent early this morning.  At noon when I tested before lunch I was 308
> and upon checking ketones (moderate) I knew it was not delivering and
> changed the set.  As I suspected it was bent in two and nothing was going
> through.  However, my machine had never warned me that it was not
> delivering.  My question is this, -- How do I get it to give me a warning
> at like .8 or something when not delivering?  Has anyone ever figured out
> how to do this?  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

I doubt it's possible. As I understand the system (and this IS speculation)
the alarm is tripped when the screw can't push the plunger, and it builds
up as the amount increases. The alarm generally won't go off until it reaches
whatever your pump's tolerance level is. Mine usually trips at about 1.2 units.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/