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[IP] Starting the pump !

Hello everyone;
     my name is Leisha and I have been reading this list for several months now as I battle the insurance co. to get my son's pump. I started this in April in hopes that I would have atleast part of the summer to get him adjusted before school starts. Well, school started here Aug. 13th and his pump arrived the same day. We are going to have a 4 day weekend on Labor Day, so I am in hopes of starting him then. I have been doing everything I know to educate myself about the pump for the last couple of years. My doctor has studied up as well, he is not a specialist, but he is very good and we have had him for 12 years. He has always been very cooperative and willing to try anything that has been medically backed up. Anyway, here is my situation. My son Jason is 14, diabetic and a special education child with a very mild touch of A.D.D. He has been diabetic since his 8th birthday. I have always been interested in the pump for him, but wanted to wait until he was mentally capable of handleing it. He has matured greatly the last year or 2 and I am convinced that he will do well. Jason is currently using the Medi-jector and we have come to hate it. We are only using it because after about 6-8 months  of using needles in the beginning, he began haveing very bad skin reations to them. We are not sure what it was, possibly the silicone that is on the end of the needles, but his skin began to be very hard to get the needles in. Anywhere we tried his skin was hard and it made a crunching sound as the needle was inserted, not to mention the pain that was involved. We loved the medi-jector at first, but the last couple of years as Jason has become even thinner and very much more muscular, it has become very painful for him. It causes terrible bruiseing and bleeding, we have to use bandaids after injections to keep the blood from getting on his clothes. I believe he must have very sensitive skin, and I want to make his first experience with the pump as pleasant as possible. We have the 507C, I also have the skin-prep, the polyskin 2 dressings and the Silhouette infusion set. And I have read about so many different things on this list that it almost makes my head spin. Jason is very energetic and he is going out for cross country running, he plays basketball out back everyday and we have a pool. He sweats a lot. I want this stuff to stick "good" so that he does not have to go through repeated sticking, he has been through enough. Also, what is the best thing to use to get it off easily? I am going to get a waist it, I saw that on here and that sounds like it would be very comfortable for him. Jason sleeps in his underwear and the waist it would hold it in place good for him, he sometimes  walks in his sleep so that is a must for him. I know I am going to have to insert the needle for him for some time before he will want to try it. I am a stay at home mom and helping him here and at school is no problem for me. I am very nervous about doing this in those few short days that I have, but I feel I have no choice. Anything that anyone can suggest about anything will be DEEPLY appreciated. I am mostly concerned about his school work or rather his grades. If he is not in good control he will usually not do very good and most things have to be done over in the resource room. He really hates haveing to do that. We have to really struggle for his grades, when he gets a C, I am very happy. That's what also concerns me about starting the pump now. But I just can't find it in my heart to make him wait any longer for this. I feel I have covered everything I can think of with his situation, but if anyone out there feels I am over looking anything or can help me with anything, please let me know. I just want to make this as easy as I can on Jason. Thank you for your time.
                                         Leisha Roberts  email @ redacted