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Re: [IP] Monitor Help? Hypoglycemia?

Ruth, you made an interesting statement--When are we low?  Good question.  I
think it's different for different people.  Now listen to this.  I took my 19
year old son to Primed recently because he was dizzy and generally seemed like
he was having an insulin reaction (he is NOT diabetic).  They diagnosed him as
hypoglycemic.  I was skeptical because his BG was 68.  I checked him for the
next few days and put him on a balanced diet, which he was NOT on.  His BGs
were between 62 and 65 every morning, never below 62.  I took him to my endo.
and he said my son definitely does NOT have hypoglycemia.  He then told me
this:  there was a study done on 20 year old men and women and a normal BG for
them CAN be 30.  I repeat, 30 can be a normal BG for a 20 year old.  I was
shocked.  I never did think my son had hypoglycemia.  I actually thought he
needed to eat and sleep in a more healthy manner, but THAT study did surprise
me.  Has anyone read this study?  I didn't ask my endo too many questions
about it because I was more interested in my son's health, but I am interested
to know what this means and how it relates to our relative BG values.  BTW, I
am not too concerned about the values on my meter, just that they are
consistent.  I want them to be low when I feel low and high when I feel high.
I have a fairly consistent 6.0-6.2 A1C and am satisfied with that.  At one
time I thought I wanted readings in the 5.0+ range, but I have decided against
this because of too many lows probably brought on by not-so-accurate monitor
readings.  Of course, this is just my opinion.  I would like to hear from
anyone about this study concerning 20 year olds.  Thanks for any info.  I
think my endo said it was done in Miami?  ellen
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