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[IP] No Delivery Alarm on Minimed 507

Okay, I don't think I have seen this before and have not been able to find
any thing helpful at the minimed home page so here goes.  I have very low
basal rates .4 to .5 and a 1 to 90 ratio for boluses.  Therefore, very
often I don't put 2 units in at the same time until Supper.  My minimed 507
currently does not give out a no delivery alarm until after 2.0 units have
been "not deliverable".  It happened again today that my softset cannula
got bent early this morning.  At noon when I tested before lunch I was 308
and upon checking ketones (moderate) I knew it was not delivering and
changed the set.  As I suspected it was bent in two and nothing was going
through.  However, my machine had never warned me that it was not
delivering.  My question is this, -- How do I get it to give me a warning
at like .8 or something when not delivering?  Has anyone ever figured out
how to do this?  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

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