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Re: [IP] ICQ chat

Sam Skopp wrote:

> I've just gotten ICQ installed on my system and finally sort of figured out
> how it works. Apparently you can have chats using this service, although
> I've never tried it. Just for the fun of it, I have a chat posted under
> health issues. If anyone wants to play, I'm at ICQ #11353385.
> Sam

Sam,  love the statement "sort of figured out."   Andy has had to help me a lot
with ICQ and am still learning.  I'm on a chat with some people in Canada.  Did
you know that you have to open the chat room before anyone else can enter?  To
open the chat you must be on line on ICQ and in the chat room.  Is the ICQ #
the chat room or personal #?  What name did you use for your chat room?  The
next object you need to get is the microphone for internet phone calls.  It's
really neat and cooool and can do it on icq also.  The magic words are "it's

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