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Re: [IP] god bless 'merica

At 03:12 PM 08/15/1998  Kasey Sikes wrote:
>> This is important to us, because the office of the Presidency MUST NOT
>> be weakened.  We are already seeing an increase in terrorism,
>> by Iraq, etc.  President Nixon resigned as a result of a FAR LESS
>> serious matter than Clinton is currently being investigated for.
>Amen Mike!!

Sorry to disagree, but Nixon was involved with a number of major
felonies... a burglary, that involved breaking and entering not once but at
least on 3 different occasions (twice in the Dem. Natl. HQ and once in Dr.
Daniel Ellsberg's office). He was also involved with the massive dispensing
of hush money to keep people quiet, which in turn, was illegally diverted
from his campaign committee and laundered. I hardly think this a far less
serious matter. 

Clinton may be possibly guilty of some bad judgement in his personal
relations. This is a lapse that at least 50% of the population is equally
guilty of. If the current media standards were in force in years past, many
major presidents would have been openly guilty of the exact same thing.
Jefferson, FDR and Kennedy come readily to mind and I'm sure there are lots
more, including Eisenhower. [I'm not going to include Harding, who's career
was pretty suspect anyhow]. Many of our strongest presidents "fooled
around" on the side... we judge them for what they did as president not for
personal lapses that did not affect their jobs. A person's personal life is
just that... personal. Unless they breach national security, what they do
in private is none of my business.

I cannot believe that Clinton's alleged marital indiscretions make one bit
of difference in world terrorism. These are people on a holy mission, and
who are not affected by current US politics. In fact I'd imagine that
people like Saddam Hussein don't have a clue as to why Clinton's alleged
affairs would even matter. Saddam would be behaving the same way no matter
who was president. [In fact you can thank George Bush for the fact that we
still have Saddam to contend with now]. We had plenty of terrorists before
Clinton... I remember from many years back when planes (and even ships)
were being hijacked and other US installations were being bombed. We also
had numerous US hostages being held... this goes back to the early 1970's,
at least. What's going on now is not new, but just a sad continuation of
what's been going on for almost 30 years. 

Just my 2 cents worth.


P.S. Recent incidents involving the armed services, I believe are
ridiculous, based on a Victorian standard of conduct that has never been
fairly enforced. I spent 4 years in the Air Force in the late 1960's
(ending up as a Captain) and I can tell you that the sexual conduct of a
significant number military officers is hardly beyond reproach... in fact
major lapses were almost expected. I think that the rules against
infidelity are only enforced in the military when someone is considered to
a troublemaker and is outside the "good-old-boy" network (this "club"
includes mainly Academy graduates), or when some newspaper makes a big deal
out if it. If they actually enforced those rules across the board, there
would be very few people left to defend the country.

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