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Re: [IP] Diabetes Disability Act for children

> Is anyone old enough
> to
> remember when the really bad kids chewed gum in class and cursed?  Ahhh,
> how
> times have changed.  ellen

Thanks, Ellen.  I realize that I may (did) take personal offense at your
post.  But, I agree with you that NO ONE can rely on the schools or
anyone in them to care for our children with diabetes like we as parents
do.  I do remember being in 7th grade and getting a paddling for chewing
gum in class.  That was my favorite teacher of all time and I think I
remember the situation more for diasppointing my teacher than for doing
something "wrong".  My how times have changed.  And can anyone guess why
I let the field of teaching???  My mom nearly had a heart attack when,
on graduation day from GA Tech, I said, "Mom, I'm gonna be a teacher." 
Boy, what an optimist was I...

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