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Re: [IP] Diabetes Disability Act for children

I'm LOL Kasey.  BTW, I like it when you sound like Sara.  I agree with you.  I
know from being in the public schools as a volunteer for 10 years how
difficult a teacher's job is.  I certainly did not intend to blame teachers
for the public school MESS.  You are right about teachers being state
employees, but here in Alabama, specifically Montgomery, we were under so many
federal mandates that it just seemed like they had to get federal approval
before they could do anything.  Of course, this state doesn't want to do
anything that requires money.  Whether run by the state or feds, our schools
are still lousy.  We did finally opt for private school so we didn't have to
worry about our children being shot in the crossfire.  Is anyone old enough to
remember when the really bad kids chewed gum in class and cursed?  Ahhh, how
times have changed.  ellen
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