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Re: [IP] Broken Pump

Sara asked:
>John - did you covet a fast take as much as
>some of the americans on this list?

My bitterness towards the health industry lies differently! Since I get
all my strips for free, nowt, zilch, nothing, I don't resent spending a
few honest pounds on the meter itself...

BTW Found out at last what the difference is twix the Dex and the Esprit
(as it's called in UK, NZ and Aussieland), (apart from the units):
essentially same meter, but Esprit has no contacts between the 10-strip
disk and the meter - so you have to enter the calibration number
yourself, P36 sort-of-thing, and it can't physically track the number of
strips left: has to keep a count since you last openned it up, if that
makes sense to anyone.

These minor changes came about as a result of the UK government
"forcing" a lower price from Bayer for the strips. Fine by me. Keeps the
taxes down, and still gives a decent result...

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