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Re: [IP] Diabetes Disability Act for children

    Excellent, sensible reply.  Ellen (CamelsRFun) who created the
KidsRPumping website has also done this for years with her now 10 yr old son.
She was in his school every day working as an aide.  I've heard enough "horror
stories" from parents about coaches, teachers, etc. mishandling their
children's diabetes needs EVEN when the parents had spent a lot of time
informing the school personnel. As crazy as it may sound, you're sometimes
better off (depending on the child's age) if the child's close friends are
well-informed so that they can tell the adult what needs to be done!! Sounds
nuts I know, but the adults can be (legitimately) distracted doing something &
not realize that the needs of the child with diabetes might be IMPERATIVE. 
    Bottom line: do NOT assume too much when it comes to leaving your child's
care in the hands of another (supposedly) responsible adult.  All I can tell
you though is that barring mechanical problems(sites, etc) the pump does make
for a "smoother ride" in this domain. Biggest obstacle for the kids at school
seems to be remembering to do the lunchtime bolus.
     In Melissa's case, there are now 2 middle-school teachers on the pump
(thanks to her influence) so even though she's in high school, they're all on
the same campus & I know she can always go to one of them if there's a
problem.  I wouldn't rule out giving the school an emergency phone # of
another pumper if you're concerned about being contacted...but in this era of
cell phones, beepers, etc., it's pretty rare NOT to be able to reach the
     Just rambling on here....

Regards, Renee
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