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I swim a couple of times a week.  I swim about 50 laps or about 1-2 hours.  I
use humalog so I wear my pump when I swim.  When I was using Velosulin, I took
my pump off, but with Humalog, I find my BG is better if I leave it on.  I
like my BG to be about 150-180 before I swim and I check after 30 minutes to
see if it is OK.  I eat a granola bar before I swim and I also reduce the BR
to 50%.  This works for me.  If I swim really hard, I need to eat glucose
tablets after 30 minutes.  I have a disetronic pump that works well in the
water.  I wear the pump on a belt that I made that snaps around my waist and
has a pump holder with belt loops on it to hold the pump.  It does not get in
my way while swimming.   ellen
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