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Re: [IP] Diabetes Disability Act for children

Laci(?)  I am the mother of two teenagers.  When they were in elementary
school, they had mostly interested and compassionate teachers.  I have one
child who has medical problems(not DM).  I just want to tell you this as a
warning.  No one is as interested in your child as you are.  I learned the
hard way that if I wanted my child to have good care, I would have to do
everything.  I quit my job and spent just about every day at school working
and befriending every teacher in that school.  Not everyone, I realize, can do
this, but if you can, your child will benefit enormously.  Yes, you might can
sue.  I have two brothers who are lawyers who thrive on cases such as this,
but in the long run what benefited my child was a nurturing learning
environment brought on by my involvement and the school personnel knowing of
my involvement.  As my child got older, I was at the school less and less.
Please, for your child's sake, DON'T depend on these federal employees to care
for your child.
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