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Re: [IP] Diabetes Disability Act for children

speaking of teachers always having to be right... when I was in .... I
guess it was 7th grade, about 18 months after I was diagnosed  I was in
'science' class and the topic of insuiln popped up.  The teacher stood up
there and proceeded to say that diabetics have low blood sugar so they have
insulin to reglulate it.  which of course i knew to be absolutly wrong.  I
rasied my hand, and quietly corrected the teacher, saying that no,
diabetics take insulin to lower typically high blood sugars, and only have
lows occasionally.  She replies 'no', well we got into a yes no argument,
and finnally she says "listen do YOU know anyone with diabetes?!?"
expecting no for an answer, i said "yeah, ME" -- long pause, finnally after
the chuckles in the class settled comes back with, yeah and you take
insulin right?  I said yes, and she totally brused the part she was wrong
about away, and acted like she was right the whole time... and proceeded
with class.  teachers.... just what do they think they are huh?
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