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Found the info to see bill. Go to this site and enter the search box


Read the bill I find the 18 months of having diabetes before going on
medicare unfair. Or maybe I am not reading it right?

to find your contact: send Tim 
( email @ redacted) your zip code and he will  send back your info.

I have a problem with the supplemental HMO (for medicare) i signed with.
They said before I signed they would cover the pump supplies, even
stating how many $ they would cover. Then the first time I ordered they
said they would not cover them. I am now waiting for a date with the
Administrative Law Judge to hear the problem. This is the last step in
the medicare grievance system. If I don't get satisfaction here I don't
know what I'll do next. I have also sent all the info to my state
insurance commis. 

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/