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[IP] Art & sof set tape

ART ==
I see thru the squint of one eye. Know exactly what you see. 
Try cutting the tape with the hole in half thru the hole. I have had two
kinds of tape, One you peeled the center part where the hole is off
first. If you have this kind, cut in half thru the hole, then peel off
the tape, put each half on. The second type one half of the tape comes
off very easy so bend it back a little and cut where the other half
backing is and apply a half at a time. Then I put a tegaderm dressing
over the whole thing. I tear the main backing off the tegaderm, which
leaves the strip which comes off after it is in place so it is easy to
handle while putting it on. I hold each end of the strip around the
tegaderm and put my finger in the middle, then I put my finger on the
bump of the insertion and the tegaderm goes over the site evenly. Stays
on very well. I put a loop just at the bigging of the tube out of the
insertion site and put a piece of the cloth type tape from a dispenser
over the loop and then the QR ends up just about even with the bump. 
Hope this makes any sense, it is hard to explain but easy to do.

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