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Re: [IP] Diabetes Disability Act for children

Thank you for the reference to the School Bill of Rights for Children with
Diabetes Page.  It is exactly what I need to know what my options are.  

On one hand I am glad that the Bill of Rights is there but on the other hand
it is so vague that in my case it really doesn't do us a lot of good.  From
what I am gathering we are basically on our own for noontime injections as it
says "the child must be allowed to inject insulin at anytime."  well what do
parents do that have children who are too young to inject it themselves, or
who need assistance?   It makes NO provisions for this whatsoever.  

I am quickly beginning to figure out that we are at everyone's mercy as far as
Laura's diabetes is concerned.  So far the school has been quite cooperative
but i could tell today that this was going to be a problem, a HUGE problem
that we will be facing.  

Thanks again everyone for writing!  I would still love any and all
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