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Re: [IP] Diabetes Disability Act for children

On 14 Aug 98 at 22:51, email @ redacted wrote:

> I hope anyone with knowledge will please feel free to respond to my post.  
> Today we found out that the public school that my daughter attends will not
> give her noon injection.  Laura is not quite capable of doing it on her own
> yet so this leaves no options but for me to go to school each day at noon to
> give her the shot.  I thought Diabetes was covered under a Federal Disability
> Act that required schools to do whatever is necessary to make sure the
> Diabetes is taken care of at school.  

Call the local chapter of the ADA, and also contact a good CDE.  You 
might want to line up a possible lawyer, but the problem is that the 
school may really not give a rip about your child - when they expel 
students for having aspirin what will they do when a child shows 
up with a syringe?  And if you did manage to win a lawsuit, most of 
the teachers and other staff will be afraid to give the injection, 
and if they do give it chances are pretty good they'll mess it up.  

I've helped local schools with their computers, and I learned a long 
time ago that the people who are the hardest to teach anything are 
usually teachers.  They are quick to tell you that they already know 
everything and are just humoring you, because they don't really need 
to learn anything...  not all are like this but it is a fair 
majority.  They are trained that way - to be in control, to always be 
right, and to resist anyone or anything that weakens their authority. 
Their conditioning and indoctrination along those lines is almost as 
complete as it is for us preachers<G>...

Be sure that they keep records and that your child can 
double check everything - it's hard but the school people will 
probably view your family as "troublemakers" and will retaliate 
"inside the system."  Some teachers might use it as an excuse to 
humiliate the child, by telling the other kids that "they are sick 
and can't do...." what ever fun or interesting task or activity is 
going on...  Some people are good at making  "compassion" wear a very 
harsh and negative face...  

> I don't mind giving her a shot at noon but to expect me to come up and do it
> everyday is going to be rough.  
Randall P. Winchester

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