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Re: [IP] >Ted Quick

julie wrote:
> I thought I read in the Sil instructions that I was supposed to remove the
> second half of the tape before removing the introducer needle, but this
> hurts more than taking the needle out first.  I was just worried that maybe
> the cannula would bend too much when I fiddled with the tape w/o the needle
> holding it rigid.

Yes, I think I typed that too fast and got it wrong.
> I was thinking about this the other day (I'm using SofSets till I get some
> more Sils), and decided I would turn back a corner to the tape so that
> hopefully I can pull it free without very little bending of the cannula.

Yes, I always used to turm back the corner of the tape too, but the latest
ones I got have a little pull tab sticking out at each corner that should 

Ted Quick
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