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Re: [IP] god bless 'merica

Sue W wrote:
> Hi Katie,
> I am in no way supporting adultery!  I am a Bible believing Christian
> and the Bible does not condone adultery and neither do I.
> I should have made myself more clear -- I just don't think we need to
> spend so much money getting details of the President's affair(s).
> imagine that was what Sara was trying to say, also.

Hi Guys...

I'm only going to make this one post on THIS subject...because this is
not the place for a political discussion.

The amount of time and money spent on this investigation has been WAY
overstated.  The $40 Million figure is for the WHOLE investigation
(Whitewatergate, Filegate, Travelgate, Chinagate, campaign financegate,
AND L'affair Lewinsky).  The Lewinsky matter only makes up about 10% of
that figure, and the investigation has only been going on for about 7
months...NOT 4 years as the popular media have stated.  Again the 4
years is for the investigation of ALL the Clinton scandals.

NOW...here's why the President's sex life matters:  This investigation
is NOT about sex---never has been.  Yes, that's what the media talks
about, because that's what sells.  This investigation is about whether
or not the President of the United States lied under oath, which is a
crime.  It is a crime, by the way, that is impeachable.

This is important to us, because the office of the Presidency MUST NOT
be weakened.  We are already seeing an increase in terrorism, resistence
by Iraq, etc.  President Nixon resigned as a result of a FAR LESS
serious matter than Clinton is currently being investigated for.

I am NOT making any judgement as to the President's innocence or
guilt...that is up to the investigators.  My concern is for the larger
good of the country.

Nuff said.

Mike Maturen
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