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Re: [IP] Accurate readings??????

Janet Wiener wrote:
> > From: "Bonnie Richardson" <email @ redacted>
> > I had never given calibration much of a thought, I have an Accutek
> > Advantage Monitor, I do stick the little calibrator check in once every
> > month or so.  However, last night when I got home I tested and it said
> > 44, I felt fine, and said "no way" tested again no more than 30 seconds
> > apart, it was 47, then 30 more seconds and it was 58.  I just ignored the
> > whole thing and can't decide what to do.
> I had a few similar experiences with the Complete meter. In fact, it said
> 59 the very first test I did, in the CDE's office with the Accutek rep
> sitting next to me. I knew I wasn't low. I retested with the Complete --
> still in the 50's. I tested with my Profile and got something I believed
> (in the 70s). But half an hour later, the 2 meters gave closely matched
> results... and I only had maybe 2 more such incidents where I didn't
> believe the Complete after that. I only used it until I finished the 400
> strips the rep gave me with the meter.
> Janet
> email @ redacted
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> Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

One thing we ALL need to keep in mind:  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER compare one
meter to another.  First, some meters are PLASMA referenced, and some
are WHOLE BLOOD referenced.  The "whole blood" meters will read
approximately 12% LOWER than the "plasma" meters.

Second, no two meters will give an exact reading.  There will almost
ALWAYS be a difference between meters...even if they are prodiced by the
same manufacturer.

The only CORRECT and SURE way to test the accuracy of your meter is to
compare it to a known lab standard.

Mike Maturen
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/