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Re: [IP] >Ted Quick

Art wrote:
> Hi Sue,
> I don't have any Sof Sets on hand,  but my problem was not from insertion of
> the needle.  I never used any kind of device to insert,  I just pushed it
> hard against my skin,  all I really felt was my hand hitting me.
> Due to my vision, I can't get the hole in the tape over the Sof Sets' bump
> that rises above the skin surface. (try closing one eye, and squinting the
> other eye, this is what I see.)
> If you have any suggestions, feel free to express them!

Ah yes, the other thing I hated about SofSets! Some people don't like Comforts,
aka Tenders/Silhouettes, but I find it so much esier to just aim the needle at
the site and slide it in at the proper angle. No little hole in anything to
just pop it in, push down the front half of the tape, pull out the introducer
needle, take off the second half cover and flatten it on the skin. Nothing to
aim as long as you can hit your stomach with the tip!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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