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Re: [IP] Response to Support

John, I thought you had an interesting comment here.  I am wondering if this
is a sex difference or a child-care difference.  I find that women are much
bigger worriers about their children than are men.  Of course, women usually
have more contact with their children than men do.  Most of the men I know
like to deal in a practical way with problems and if the problem does not have
a practical solution, then they don't want to think about it.  I am NOT a big
worrier, but I do worry about my children.  We try to give our children
certain values that help them deal with life effectively, but there is always
that unknown out there.  How will they handle certain stressful situations
that we have NO control over.  Their success depends not only on what they
have learned, but some inner strengths that they may or may not have.  As you
say, we have minimal impact in this area so why worry?  I agree with you, but
we just DO.  We want our children to be happy and successful and when they
quit listening to us at about age 16, we hope they are ready.   ellen
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