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[IP] Broken Pump

mary Jean wrote:

> I don't share your concerns here.  [SNIP]  If it is only one part 
> of the pump which is failing, and they can fix that part and
> save some money, then that is the proper course of action.  

> Let's not drive medical costs up further by demanding such actions.
> It will all come out of our pockets in the end in the form of higher
> insurance premiums.

I completely agree with Mary Jean!  what this all reminds me of is that BAND
wagon everyone jumped on a few months ago for a free Fast Take - nothing is
free anymore!!! - but we ("collectively as humans - not just us IPers) seem to
want MORE than we are given - do ya think that is an AMERICAN thing or a
chronic illness thing?  I wonder.  John - did you covet a fast take as much as
some of the americans on this list?

I have never had a problem (knock wood) with my 507, despite teh life of hard
knocks I subject it to, but in the first year with the 506 (1993), I had
problems twice...both times I had replacement pumps within 36 hours.  The
first time, they fixed whatever was wrong and sent it back (I recorded the
serial number, so I knew it was my original).  The second time, they called
after they got mine back and said I would be keeping the replacement...So I
did...for 4 years until I got the 507...and never had another problem with it.

Things break - that is the rule, not the exception.  and that is why i says in
all the paperwork that goes along with the pump, and in all the training you
get on how to use it, to HAVE BACK UP SUPPLIES always on hand.  Isn't that why
we buy AAA?

Sara -  who pays huge insurance for a car that isnt even being driven..just in
case the garage caves in!
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