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Re: [IP] god bless 'merica

Hi Katie,

I am in no way supporting adultery!  I am a Bible believing Christian
and the Bible does not condone adultery and neither do I.  

I should have made myself more clear -- I just don't think we need to
spend so much money getting details of the President's affair(s).  I
also think that the President of the United States should be above
reproach.  But, I think that whatever justice he deserves should be
dealt and then it should be over.  I don't think we need it coming into
our homes night after night on TV, radio, the internet, etc.  All they
are doing right now is dragging out the whole thing instead of taking
care of it -- and spending too much money in the process.  I would
imagine that was what Sara was trying to say, also.

>     Sorry Sue, but I care. I believe the leader of our country should be above
> the normal philanderer. Adultery is not an impeachable crime (although he
> should be held to the same levels as our military, ask the female pilot that
> got the boot). Abuse of power is an impeachable offense and not tolerating
> abuse of power is something America is based on. - Katie


	... Sue  :-)

		For a healthy heart ...
		Give your Faith a workout!

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