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Re: [IP] Trying The Humalog / Velosulin Mix

> My CDE is against this idea but I'm giving it a try.
> She told me that MiniMed and the insulin manufacturer don't recommend the mix.
> I thought I have heard otherwise from this group.  I started out with a 3 to 1
> ratio.  Is anyone else mixing for a this reason instead of the site failure
> reason?
> Thanks,
> Cindy

I use the mix for both reasons although either the longer sets or the better match
to meals would be reason enough.  My experience with CDEs is that they like ideas
they tend  have lots of exposure to.  The CDEs I have met who pump themselves have
only been pumping for 4-5 years and have little experience, for instance with
gastroparesis.  In other words, what they think depends a whole lot on when and
what and where they've learned or seen. Try to examine the CDE's reasons and if
they don't fit the situation then go ahead and try!

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