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Re: [IP] Monitor Help?

Just returned from meeting with the local Complete Reps.  They said some people have
reported problems but not too often or too many so the proportion of problem strips to
bad tests is as yet unclear.  However, they have new strips coming out soon that use
capilary action, that have the blood spot placed on the side of the strip so that you
can do it by feel and they think these will be a fantastic improvement!

Sue W wrote:

> What is the problem so many people seem to be having with the
> Complete/Advantage test strips?  I have been using the Complete for
> about 1-1/2 months and have used 3 or 4 bottles of strips (yes, I test a
> lot) with virtually no problems.  I had a couple that the meter rejected
> but took them out and turned the meter off and when I put the strip back
> in everything worked fine.  My biggest problem with them is the
> occasionally I don't get a big enough drop of blood in time and have to
> start over.
> Am I just lucky?  Or have I just not been at it long enough?
> > The bottom line (at least for me) is that this will make a great back-up meter
> > when the free strips run out. In spite of the lousy PC interface software I still
> > plan on using the Complete as my standard meter. That is once Roche/B-M improves
> > the test strips.If you have any other questions, you can drop me an email. I'll
> > try to remember to bring in the manual so I can give authenticated answers.
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