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[IP] health insurance

Ruth wrote:

> national health plans like Aetna, US Healthcare and Kaiser (etc) have
> completely different policies in each state and will cover you only through
> your home state so that the policy will change when you move

yup - though sometimes it works out.  When I moved to Texas, the policy I had
from my employer in Florida, for some reason, was transferred directly to me -
no COBRA, just my own personal policy.  I paid the premium and it wasnt a huge
amount when I look at other people's costs.  The policy changed slightly, used
TX doctors etc., but I am still using that same policy even though I live in
NY...Perhaps the fact that the insurnace thinks I still live in TX helps.  I
know if I go "out of network" they pay less, but I have reached my max out of
pocket expenses for the year thanks to my appendix, so they cover 100% of
reasonable and customary whether I am in network or without.

Yes, I know I am lucky

you write:
> give you 18 months to find a job with insurance (or, and I hate to have to
> say this, a husband with insurance).

BELIEVE ME, I have often considered this...who cares if he has no teeth, lives
with his mama, watching Jerry Springer (and tapes em for when there is nothng
"else" on) and collects purple spotted amazon fleas....he has excellent
insurance...GIMME A RING AND A POLICY...nothing a dark room and paper bag over
the head can't solve!!!

*-)=B xoxx

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