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Re: [IP] god bless 'merica

Sara wrote:
<< Just think how much advancement could have taken place in diabetes research
if we could have that money they are spending on this Clinton/Lewinsky thing!
Personally, I am more than a little sick of the whole thing.  Why does this
 country have its priorities so misplaced!!!
       Oh, oh Sara,
That's a can of worms. We surely don't want to get into politics on this list
but personally I think the morality of this country is more of a danger to our
kids and nation then diabetes. - Katie

Sue wrote in response to Sara:
<<I have to agree with you TOTALLY!!!  After all, how many people (other than
a few perverts) really care about the president's sex life -- or anyone
    Sorry Sue, but I care. I believe the leader of our country should be above
the normal philanderer. Adultery is not an impeachable crime (although he
should be held to the same levels as our military, ask the female pilot that
got the boot). Abuse of power is an impeachable offense and not tolerating
abuse of power is something America is based on. - Katie

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