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[IP] re: infusion sets & choice

>Yes, the SofSets poor taping method is rather nonfunctional much of the
plus you need to buy separate tapes and pile all that up correctly each

>THEN it sticks up so much that it gets caught on things, twists and either
crimps the cannula or detaches. No thanks! I much prefer the Comforts I;'ve
using for nearly 4 years.

>Ted Quick

Hi all -

	The SofSets no longer "require" extra layers of tape - only one top layer.
And please remember that again, it is a matter of choice and PERSONAL
PREFERENCE - in other words.... what works for YOU!  For those of you
questioning which infusion sets to use - the key is to try them all!  In
fact, there are many of us who USE both kinds (Sils/Comf/Tend & SofSets)
depending on site location, amount of body fat in that location, and *mood*.
FYI - I prefer the ease of insertion of the SofSet (with the SofSerter), in
areas where I have enough body fat to "pinch".  I use the silhouettes half
the time as well, but unlike Ted, I don't always find them as "comfortable"
as he does... I find that I experience mild irritation at the point of
insertion due to the amount of flexing that can occur.  Nor does the small
amount of taping on the Silhouette hold as long for me as that (IV 3000) of
the SofSets.  I also *hate* what I consider the "trauma" of having to insert
the darn thing(!) & look forward to the day that MM develops an inserter for
the Sils/Comforts/Tenders.  Sils are *great* for disconnection - easy to
hide disconnected under a swimsuit without having any tubing left hanging.
But most of all, I do truly like having the choice & the option!  I buy my
supplies half and half - some SofSets, some Sils.  There are things that I
like & dislike about each of them!  Call MM - they'll send you samples....
and then you can decide.
	There are many different types of tapes/dressings out there too... some
stronger than others.  Check out the MiniMed homepage for some great taping
info & tips.  Keep plugging until you find what's right for YOU!  Everyone
is different and you DO have a choice.  Good luck!


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