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Re: [IP] Broken Pump

Helen wrote:

<<  What a surprise when
 they told me they would replace it with a old pump until his was fixed.
 What do you think folks is there anything we could do about this? >>

I don't share your concerns here.  If it were a car with a broken fuel pump or
some other integral part, would you replace the whole car?  I doubt it.  If it
is only one part of the pump which is failing, and they can fix that part and
save some money, then that is the proper course of action.  After all, the
pump warranty specifically states that Minimed will either repair or replace
any defective pump or solenoid motor, *at their discretion*, during the
warranty period.

Replacing the whole pump when it could be easily repaired fails the common
sense test.  Let's not drive medical costs up further by demanding such
actions.  It will all come out of our pockets in the end in the form of higher
insurance premiums.

my .02

Mary Jean
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/