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Re: [IP] Accurate readings??????

I had never given calibration much of a thought, I have an Accutek
Advantage Monitor, I do stick the little calibrator check in once every
month or so.  However, last night when I got home I tested and it said 44,
I felt fine, and said "no way" tested again no more than 30 seconds apart,
it was 47, then 30 more seconds and it was 58.  I just ignored the whole
thing and can't decide what to do.  I put my pump on suspend till I
finished fixing dinner.  I was fine.  Should I a) begin double and triple
testing to get an average; b) get new pump or c) just assume it was a one
time aberration.  Opps, No. 4 should be call the manufacturer.  I will do
that today. 

From: James Watson <email @ redacted>
To: bruce.mcc <email @ redacted>; Insulin Pumpers List
<email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Accurate readings??????
Date: Wednesday, August 12, 1998 7:53 PM

Remember these are HOME DEVICES.  Although the repeatability
of a single meter may appear to be quite good (I am very
happy with my Elite which will repeat within a couple of
points).  This is not the same thing as accurate.  The
accuracy (deviation from a true known value) is +/- 10%. 
This means that your experiment falls within this range.  It
is all too easy to assume greater accuracy in these devices
than is prudent.  My approach is to take their number and
use it to suggest an action.  Other factors also play into
what action I may take.  Beyond that I won't bet on the
actual number provided by the meter.

Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 22:39:23 -0400
From: "bruce.mcc" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Accurate readings??????

I was wondering if anyone can explain to me why my two
meters give me two
different readings at the same time.  I used the Control
Solution and both
meters were accurate.  My Advantage read 224 and my Easy
read 194.
AccuCheck said that this is normal.  I dont understand how
it can be normal.
Shouldn't they both give me about the same readings.     Any
help would be
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