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Re: [IP] >Ted Quick

Hi Art,

Have you tried the Sof-serter for automatically inserting the Sof-sets? 
It works very similar to the lancet device you use to get blood from
your finger for a BG test.

> I used  to use soft sets when they first came out, they are the ones I was
> using during my bad infections; maybe they were so comfortable that I just
> let them go too many days.  Since I had vision problems , and am now blind
> in one eye, I find it very difficult to get that top of the introducer
> through the hole in the dressing tape. So I started using the bent needles,
> but that was vision related for insertion also, so then I just went back to
> the straight needles since I had a stockade of them, my vision doesn't come
> into play so much with the straight ones.
> I'm somewhat out of touch with the newer products, but I am learning day by
> day from all the helpful people out there. Thanks!
> Art Schumm


	... Sue  :-)

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