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Re: [IP] >Ted Quick

Art wrote:
> I still use the MM straight needle sets.  Are your sets bent needle, or
> what?

No they don't have needles, there are Teflon canulas instead. The thin
plastic canula goes in with an "introducer needle" inside of it, which
is pulled out once the tape tab on the base is attached to me.

I've never used a steel needle, bent or straight, on my pump. Don't think
very sensible, since I move around a lot and think that the needle would 
do some damage below skin level since it's stiff. The Teflon can flex quite
a bit and usually keeps going fine.
> I find that I must use a Betadine type cleanser, before using alcohol ,in
> order to avoid infection at the site for about 3 to 4 days.  What kind of
> routine are you using, and how long are your sites lasting?
> I'm using my stomach exclusively, haven't any problems, but in the
> beginning, I had some real bad infections that turned into something that
> required lancing by the surgeon.  That is when I started to come down to
> earth, and not try to over use my site before changing to another.  Now days
> I use a site for about three days, and clean the same needle and find a new
> site.  I make a box of 24 last about 3 to 4 months.  Of course, MiniMed does
> not approve of this procedure.

I usually change every 4 days or so, occasionally longer. Mind you, I don't get
infections much at all, and use no surface cleaner or preparations on my skin
before planting a set. As long as I have my daily shower I do fine, but not
everybody can get away with that, as your experience shows.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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